Dear Costumers


with us You have the choice to book workers single rooms or flats for installers, double and triple rooms and flats, apartments for exhibition builders or holiday workers, vacationers and students. We do have multi-bed rooms and apartments for almost every occasion.

We offer apartments for the price starting at 15.- € per person and night. This is the best price-performance ratio in the area of frankfurt offenbach koeln (cologne) leverkusen mannheim germany. this contains - including in the room / apartment / flat;

beds (per installer etc. 1 bed), blankets, bedding, energy and cold or hot water and always in non-smoking rooms, non-smoking apartments, non-smoking houses.

Further: crockery, cutlery, pots, pans. kitchen and shower / bathroom. We have internet possibilities or in the workers apartements flat´s, TV, depending on surcharge.

Our installer - or workers' - rooms, apartment flats and accommodations are all centrally located. We also have a good parking situation for assembly workers. according to the arrangement - also for buses and trucks.




The Payments are:

* always in advance * per person and night * without VAT prices * non-negotiable

Bookings are:

* at least 7 days required *monthly bookings (30 days) must be reserved and extended at the latest after 23 days

Prices are:

Up to 30 nights 15.- € -- Up to 21 nights 17.50 € -- Up to 14 nights 20.- € -- Minimum 7 nights 20.- €





BUTLER S.J. LTD. Telefon 0049 162 560 4567